“ Training Christians to fight the good fight of faith, and to always be ready to 
          give an account of the hope that is within them.”


The purpose of EL PASO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL of FAITH is to further advance the equipping the saints of God in a time where Biblical Literacy is being lost in a wave of modern technology leaving the saints dumbfounded without it.  EPISF believes that a call to Bible memorization, evangelistic exercise and accountability to His word and work must be brought back into the daily life we are to stand our ground today and in the future.

EL PASO INTERNATIONAL SHOOL of FAITH believes that with the age of information technology/literacy combined with the faith and drive of evangelism in the saints of God we can not only enhance the body of Christ but also raise a generation of younger saint to carry the torch in the future.

Statement of Faith


The Bible is the infallible, God breathed word of God.

The Bible is the blueprint for the saints and should be followed until Christ returns.

Scriptural Baptism of the emersion of the whole body in water, representing the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

History proves the existence, power and future of God, His purpose and plan for mankind.

Jesus Christ is the only begotten of God.

Jesus Christ walked this earth sinless and set the example for His followers.

The death, burial and resurrection of Christ was and is real.

Jesus Christ is coming back to gather His church (the bride).

No one knows the day or the hour when Jesus Christ will return.


One of a kind learning environment.

         EPISF recognizes the time, energy, and money that you as a learner contributes to your educational experience.  Therefore, EPISF works hard in providing a learning/classroom environment that reaches beyond the traditional learning environment.  By using the latest technology (where appropriate) and up-to-date material, as well as the one-on-one interactive classroom, the learner has the opportunity to be part of an exciting learning experience not found in the traditional learning environment. 

Faculty are of like faith.

     One of the goals of EPISF is to strengthen the body of Christ, so every effort is made to assure that each faculty member holds true to the core fundamentals teachings of the Bible and the church.

 Classes Conveniently Located.

      With the articulation that we have with local churches (of like faith), and as other churches begin to work with us, classes can be offered within a short driving distance of your neighbor church.  If your class is being offered at a different church, you have the option of choosing the church of your desire.

Courses are designed with you in mind.

      We at EPISF know how important it is for you to develop in your knowledge and walk with  God and we design and offer classes that will assist you in these areas.  Unlike some schools, we don’t just put classes together just to put them together, we believe that we offer classes to meet your spiritual growth.

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