“ Training Christians to fight the good fight of faith, and to always be ready to 
          give an account of the hope that is within them.”

Necessary Forms
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Below are the necessary forms for you to register for the upcoming term.  These forms can be handled in a number of ways.  Here is what we are suggesting at this time.

1. Using either form, print out, fill out, and bring the form with you on the first day of             class along with the course registration cost.

2.  Using the .doc version, fill out on the computer, save as a 93-07 file on your desktop,
     send it to our email address by the first day of class, the course registration cost
     can be addressed at that time.

Once we have received your form, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you have been registered for the upcoming term.
For individuals that feel the call or are interested in becoming instructors may apply by using the form below.  In addition to this, a letter of endorsement from your pastor must follow your application of interest. All forms must be completed and returned prior to the start of the term.  Interested applicants can print out the pdf form and send them to 10601 McCombs, Attn: Mark A. Rawlins, or fill out the .doc form and save it on your desktop and email it to our email address.  Once we have received your documents, we will consider all applicants.

Questions that you may have can be address to Mark A. Rawlins (Director).